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Elephant AdventuresLangkawi Elephant Adventures
Visit the Oriental Village for the Most Exciting Animal Adventure on Langkawi
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Quad AdventuresLangkawi Elephant Adventures
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Attractions of the Oriental Village Langkawi

The Oriental Village offers the best range of activities on the island. In fact, no other one location offers cable car and elephant rides either.

Include other options such as ATV trails, SEGWAY guided tours and motor-cross rides, visitors should set aside a good day for activity participation at the Village.

Head out to the Village with this map now...

Langkawi Cable Car

Take a ride with Langkawi Cable Car that rises more than 700 meters (709m, to be exact) up into the 550 million year-old Mt. Machincang for the most thrilling ride and unforgetable experience on your Malaysia (or Langkawi holiday).

At a 42-degree incline at some points, few other cable car rides offer a steeper climb than that at Langkawi Cable Car!

Once atop Machincang, the view of the surrounding areas and rock formations–touted as "the Birthplace of the Region"–of Mt. Machincang are both spectacular and stunning. On clearer days, one may even get a peek into our neighbours to the north.

Langkawi Cable Car Langkawi Cable Car
Spectacular Views Thrilling Rides
For more information on Langkawi Cable Car, >>> click here <<<.

Langkawi Elephant Adventures

Yes, elephant riding is available on Langkawi.

Langkawi Elephant Adventures offers visitors an opportunity to ride elephants Malaysian-style. The resident elephant of Langkawi also featured on the set of Anna & the King, the Hollywood-ade movie featuring Jodie Foster and Chow Yuen Fatt.

Elephant Adventures Elephant Adventures
Feeding Sessions Fun & Jungle Rides
For more information on Elephant Adventures, please >>> click here <<<

Langkawi Quad Adventures

Explore Mt. Machincang in challenging fashion: on the back of an ATV!

Adventurers may choose from several options that last 15-minutes to more than an hour, depending on weather conditions and rider competence. Except for a "Village" option, all adventures head out into the secondary forests of Machincang.

Elephant Adventures Elephant Adventures
Macincang Awaits... Quad Adventures
For more about Langkawi Quad Adventures, >>> click here <<<

SEGWAY Guided Tours

SEGWAY Personal Transporters are one of the most futuristic equipments you can own, which feature high-tech accelerometers to control speed, acceleration and turning directions. Visitors may choose guided tours around the Village or into the foothills of Machincang.

Motor-cross Trails

Didn't bring your motor-cross bike? No worries, visitors may also opt for guided Motor-cross Bike rentals that take riders into the foothills of Machincang and the surrounding area.

Petting Corners

The Oriental Village also offers visitors two Petting Corners, one featuring primarily rabbits while the other features deer. The Petting Corners are operated by LADA Eco-Tourism Sports Club and Langkawi Cable Car respectively.

At either Corner, visitors may purchase animal feed to hand-feed featured animals.

Updated January 22, 11