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All-new The Oriental Villager

PostcardSetThe all-new Oriental Villager is meant to keep visitors informed on the attractions of the Oriental Village
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Red Tomato Cafes

Red Tomato Cafe Sideba
Red Tomato Garden Cafe offers some of the best Italian cuisine on the island!
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Elephant AdventuresLangkawi Elephant Adventures
Visit the Oriental Village for the Most Exciting Animal Adventure on Langkawi
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Quad AdventuresLangkawi Elephant Adventures
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Address & Operating Hours

This website has been established by Maximus Communications to highlight the activities and attractions of the Oriental Village. The Oriental Village, however, is owned and managed by LADA Eco-Tourism Sdn Bhd. Our contact information is summarized below.

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LADA Eco-Tourism Sdn Bhd

The Oriental VIllage
Burau Bay
07100 Langkawi, Kedah

Tel: +60.4.959.3099

b07 Email


Maximus Communications

E-01, Block E
The Oriental VIllage
Burau Bay
07100 Langkawi, Kedah

Tel/Fax: +60.4.959.4959

Operating Hours

While the Village is accessible 24-hours, most Village tenants open their outlets 10AM-7PM daily.

Updated January 22, 11