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Quad AdventuresLangkawi Elephant Adventures
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Finding Your Way Around the Village

Village Map

Village Directory (by Category)

Tenant Description Location
Activity & Adventure Centres (8)
Langkawi Cable Car Cable Car Rides Cable Car Annex
Langkawi Elephant Adventures Elephant Rides Elephant Adv. Annex
Langkawi Quad Adventures Quad Trails Elephant Adv. Annex
Langkawi X Motor-cross Trails G-02
Sparks Electronics SEGWAY Tours I-03
Cable Car Deer Farm Petting Corner (Deer & Rabbits) Adjacent to Cable Car
LADA Eco Sports Club Petting Corner (Rabbits) Adjacent to Food Court
  Flying Fox Block C Stairwell
Duty-free Retail & Souvenir Stores (21)
ABF Indah Shoppe Souvenirs, Apparel B-07
Asiavenue Apparel L-06
Auspicious Gems Gemstones, Souvenirs A-02
Beware Apparel, Souvenirs E-06
D'Ricca Souvenirs, Apparel L-04
DST Desento Trading Souvenirs B-06
Dzura Shop Souvenirs, Apparel M-02/03
Eagle Shoppe Souvenirs, Apparel -01/04/05
JT Gift Centre Souvenirs, Apparel L-01/02
Langkawi Geopark Enterprise Apparel C-04
Langkawi Shopping Zone Gift, Souvenirs, Apparel E-02/03/04
Machincang Craft Apparel, Costume Jewellery C-01
MIB Island Enterprise Souvenirs, Apparel B-03
Rinarita Enterprise Souvenirs, Apparel L-03
Rumin Fashion Souvenirs, Apparel M-01
Sapu Lidi Enterprise Apparel, Souvenirs I-02
Top Gift Souvenirs, Apparel G-03
Unique Souvenir Souvenirs, Apparel B-02
Wadah Samudera Souvenirs, Apparel B-05
Zon Duty-free Emporium Alcohol, Fragrances, Apparel A-01
Food & Beverage Outlets (12)
Dropstone Cafe Local & Western Cuisine C-04
Laila Kebab House Pakistani & Indian Cuisine H-06 (Food Court)
Manora Cafe Local Cuisine H-03 (Food Court)
Mizumi Japanese Restaurant Japanese Cuisine F-01
Oriental Cafe Local & Western Cuisine K-02
Ros Kopitiam Local Cuisine P-02
Selerasa Cafe Local & Western Cuisine H-01 (Food Court)
Sole Cafe Local Cuisine H-02 (Food Court)
Tweenz Corner Local & Western Cuisine H-04/05 (Food Court)
Wan Malina Food Local Cuisine P-01
Food Kiosks Light Refreshments N-01/02
Galleries (3)
Langkawi Geopark Information Center Information Center L-05
Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit Art Gallery & "Live" Tiger Exhibit E-01
UKM Research Center Geopark Research Center G-05
Hotel & Other Accommodation (3)
Geopark Hotel 3-star Hotel Accommodation Block C
Geopark Dormitory Dormitory-styled Accommodation Dormitory Annex
Campsite Outdoor Camping Village Campsite
Mutiara Burau Bay 3-star Beach Resort Pantai Kok/Burau Bay
Spas (1)
Langkawi Anjung Spa Fish Spa Therapy, Massage Packages & Others G-01
Specialty (2)
CT Money Changer Authourized Money Changer A-03
Panthera Maximus Sdn Bhd Minyak Gamat Promotion C-05
Vacant (2)
- Thai Cuisine K-01
- Souvenirs I-02

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Updated January 22, 11