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PostcardSetThe all-new Oriental Villager is meant to keep visitors informed on the attractions of the Oriental Village
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Red Tomato Cafes

Red Tomato Cafe Sideba
Red Tomato Garden Cafe offers some of the best Italian cuisine on the island!
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Elephant AdventuresLangkawi Elephant Adventures
Visit the Oriental Village for the Most Exciting Animal Adventure on Langkawi
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Quad AdventuresLangkawi Elephant Adventures
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Varied Accommodation Options

The Oriental Village offers holiday makers several styles of accommodation to suit any budget.

Geopark Hotel

The Geopark Hotel is a 30-room boutique hotel that is sited perfectly as the "Window to Machincang." With adjacent cable car and elephant rides, it is arguably the only hotel in any country with such facilities, albeit operated independently.

The Geopark Hotel offers holiday makers a 3D2N Jumbo Package at an fabulous price of only RM388 nett that packages cable car rides, elephant fun rides, breakfast and room for two persons.

Superior Rooms start at RM150+ while the very warmly decoarted suites are available at RM300+.

Geopark Hotel Geopark Hotel
Geopark Hotel Langkawi Superior Room
To Visit Geopark Hotel >>> Click Here <<<

Call +60.4.959.2300 and book a stay today or visit the Geopark Hotel website.

Geopark Dormitory

Budget dormtory-styled accommodation is also available at the Village and the facility may accommodate up to 70 pax at a time. Best suited for children's or student's excursions, the Dormitory offers a comfortable and safe environment for all.

For more information, visit the Geopark Hotel website.

Outdoor Campsite

The Village campsite is located adjacent to the Seven Wells Waterfall for a great ambience. It is also fully carpeted!

Updated January 22, 11