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PostcardSetThe all-new Oriental Villager is meant to keep visitors informed on the attractions of the Oriental Village
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Langkawi Elephant Adventures
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The Oriental Village>> Introduction to the Village

The Gateway to Langkawi Geopark

The Oriental Village is located in the Burau Bay or north-western quadrant of Langkawi, at the foothills of Mt. Machincang, one of three main areas of interest of Langkawi Geopark. It is owned and managed by LADA Eco-Tourism Sdn Bhd, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA).

The Oriental Village may be synonymous with "Langkawi Cable Car," but the Village truly has more to offer visitors than just cable car rides. In fact, the Village offers more than 50 activity providers; food & beverage outlets; souvenir & retail stores; galleries; hotels and spas, making it the largest outdoor lifestyle mall in the northern region.

One should set aside a good day aside to enjoy the activities, shopping and gastronomic delights the Village has to offer.

Click here for directions to the Oriental Village.

Activities - Cable Car Rides, Elephant Rides & Others

The primary attraction of the Oriental Village is Langkawi Cable Car. However, aside for this exciting ride into Mt. Machincang, the Oriental Village also offers elephant rides, ATV trails, motor-cross rides and SEGWAY tours in and around the Village.

For more activities and adventures, click here.


With more than a dozen food & beverage outlets at the Oriental Village, hungry visitors will not be disappointed as F&B outlets at the Village offer a diverse range of cuisine, especially the Malaysian or Oriental types. Western menus are also available here.

For more information, click here.


There are moer than 20 souvenir and retail outlets and kiosks around the Village, offering some of the best value-for-money souvenir shopping on the island.

The largest retail or souvenirs stores at the Oriental Village are the Zon Duty-free Emporium and Langkawi Shopping Zone.

For more information, click here.


The Village features several galleries of interest including the Langkawi Geopark Information Center, the National University of Malaysia (UKM) Reseach Exhibition and the Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit that features a "live" tiger exhibit.

For more information on galleries at the Village, click here.


Spa buffs are certainly not forgotten at the Village, where a spa offers a wide variety of packages to tired visitors.

For more information on spas, click here.


The Oriental Village offers several accommodation options including a 30-room boutique hotel, dormitory-styled accomodation and outdoor camping.

For more information on accommodations at the Village, click here.


Updated January 22, 11