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Snarl or Smell?

About Tigers
This grimace is known as the "Flehmen Behaviour."
Discover this and other interesting facts at the Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit at the Oriental Village.

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Langkawi Elephant Adventures
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The Oriental Village>> Introduction to the Village >> Shopping

Best Deals on the Island Are Found Here!

Unknown to most, locals included, souvenir and gift shoppers will find some of the best deals on such items at the Oriental Village. These products include Langkawi-linked souvenirs, T-shirts, paraphernalia and the like. Shoppers may also find specialty T-shirts that feature funny messages, for example.

Souvenirs & Gifts

There are more than 20 tenants in more than 25 stores that sell a variety of souvenirs, apparel, trinkets and gift items that will interest visitors from afar. Many of the stores here offer exceptional value for the money as the operators do not pay commissions to referrers.

As the prices on offer at the Village are amongst the lowest on the island, shoppers may not get much more discount off stated prices at the Village. Still, competition is keen at the Village and one would be inclined to try a spot of haggling.

Specialty T-shirt retailer, Beware, not only offers great deals or prices on its products, it also offers free gifts with every purchase of RM50!

Langkawi Shopping Zone also offers a wide variety of products in the largest single outlet at the Village from apparel, beach wear, beach toys, eyewear, souvenirs, gifts and others. It is located adjacent to the Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit.

Shopping at the Oriental Village Shopping at the Oriental Village
Scenic Lakeside Stores at the Oriental Village Langkawi Shopping Zone in Block E

Branded Items, Alcohol, Fragrances & Tobacco

Although not a very large outlet–one of the smallest Zon outlets, if not the smallest, in the country, this store offers as varied a range of products as it can fit into its premises near the main entry to the Village.

Most importantly, items priced at the Zon are highly attractive and one would have to burn fuel or taxi fares in search of better prices elsewhere. If you only seek a bottle or two, look no further than the Zon.

Foreign Currencies, Money Changes & ATMs

For shoppers' convenience an authorized money changer is located near the main entry to the Village.

Alternatively, there is an ATM at the Maybank branch at Telaga Harbour Park. Maybank also operates a money changer at this branch, albeit open during banking hours from Mondays to Fridays only.

All stores would accept foreign currencies but at less favourable rates.

What You Will Not Find at the Village

The Village does not host any electronics or electrical goods stores. While the Zon may carry some branded items, there aren't any specialty branded goods stores at the Village.

Pirated DVDs are not available at the Oriental Village.

Why You Will Find the Best Deals Here

Most tenants of the Oriental Village do not practice paying commissions to drivers and referrers, most of whom are not entitled to such payments anyhow. As a result, souvenir hunters and shoppers will find some of the best deals on almost any product that is offer at the Village.

Savings on the payment of such commissions are passed on directly to customers at the Village!

Updated January 22, 11